Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I entered a room and there were two Asian ladies, giantesses who towered over me. They were kind and guided me through their home. Later, I met a blond man and I asked him, "Do you enjoy living with your aunts?" He replied, "I would love to live on my own, but I am not free." Then there commenced preparations for a large Asian gathering. A long table was set with small golden statues. The Asians filed into the room and sat in rows on the floor. The ones in front had huge eyes and pupils that wandered, as though they were blind. And I thought with relief, they can't see me, so they don't care how ugly I am. In the front of the Asians, on the stage, there were tall banners to end the Vietnam War and to free the war veterans. The Asians talked and their conversation was displeasing to me, I do not remember why. Suddenly, there were other rows of people around the Asians and I see my friend Erika. She stands up to save us and she shouts Kinsey! Kinsey! It is about sexual liberation. There are outraged mutters from everyone and I know that Erika must find a way to escape. Out of the crowd comes a war veteran, but he continues to morph, so that sometimes he is a businessman. He is distinguished and handsome/he is bent and ragged/he is worn and carefully clean. He morphs, but Erika recognizes him. He walks to Erika and bends down on one knee to talk to her, because she is suddenly a young girl. He picks her up in his arms tenderly and dances with her. She whispers to him, "I am not comfortable. Can we leave?" And suddenly she changes. She is older, and he is holding her in his arms, and they leave.


In English class, our professor made us fill out a form with basic questions pertaining to our grade level and class experiences. The last question annoyed me: Describe something about you that no one else knows. A question to that effect. I despise this species of questions because I feel like I am bragging about myself. After thinking for a long time, I finally wrote something like this: "For many months, there was this ugly mole on my hand. It was large, pinkish, ugly, and tattered. It was disgusting. Then, over a matter of time, it shrunk and now it is completely gone. I was so amazed. Not a bit of mole left."


In Organic Chemistry class, our professor talked about a certain chemical reaction that we thought we knew backwards and forwards. We knew the reason for its existence and we knew why it reacted the way it did. Then, our professor drops this bomb: Wrong! Absolutely wrong! We had been lied to because the lie made it easier to teach the reaction. We had been lied to since Chemistry I! Thought: I love science because of these particular hilarious moments.

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