Monday, May 11, 2009

Lady GaGa

People call her scary, insane, psycho. How can I not love her extravagance, sheer individuality? Underneath that makeup and those clothes, I have an idea that she is ordinary. Long face, long nose. Regular face. Nice voice. And then, she makes a wig, a personality, a new self for herself. She makes herself so unique and so grand that I cannot help but think her beautiful.

Watch the first few seconds of Pokerface. She rises like Venus from the water, but she is in black and she is masked, hiding her eyes behind sparkles. She rises and then she crouches like a tiger and you know she is no Venus. She dances with one hard, widespread, ready to move in front of her face, move away. Her hand like a flashing fan, here and away.

She wears costumes. She is her costumes. Her costumes are like armor. They can call her names and the names slide off her armor. She says she is a commentary on people who want fame. She is a commentary on herself.

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